Compass 1.3.0 released!


  • Improved Free Version: I read your reviews and emails and i know you hate the permission “Read Phone Status and Identity”. Since my apps are my “babies” and i don’t want them to get rated badly, because of some stupid permission, i removed this permission from every of my free apps! The pro apps didn’t have it from the beginning.
    This is a big decision, because now i’m not longer able to use the service anymore. This service permitted me to exchange ads with other developers to get more downloads. Downloads and ratings are absolutely crutial to keep my apps alive. Since i’m not able to exchange ads anymore, i need your help to get more downloads and ratings. So please share this app with your friends. If you do share it, it’s a win-win situation for me and you.
  • Fixed: A NullPointerException occurred when closing the compass. This is a bug in the service. Since i don’t use the service anymore this bug is fixed.
  • Probably Fixed: There was a problem with GPS. The compass requested GPS data, but didn’t stop the requests when an error occurred. This resulted in a massive battery drain in some situations. I changed a lot of things in the location management classes regarding GPS and network location and i think this bug should be fixed now.
  • Fixed: Android 4.4.3 and higher has a bug that causes the compass arrow to be displayed corruptly or not shown at all, when rotating the arrow image and the AdMob banners are shown. I fixed this problem with a workarround.
  • New Feature: I added location coordinates to the main screen. A lot of people asked for this feature.
  • New Feature: I replaced the GPS and NET icons with a magnetic field strength indication which is much more interesting for people using a compass. The magnetic field strength helps you identify magnetic fields that interfere with the compass so you can avoid them.
  • Changed: I replaced the calibration tutorial with a better one, since i got a LOT of support emails telling me that they don’t understand the calibration method. The new calibrations tutorial is easy and intuitive.
  • Changed: In landscape mode the compass is not longer shown in the middle of the display, but aligned to the left. This was necessary to make some space for the location coordinates and it’s also a preparation for the upcoming features i have planned.

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