Compass 1.3.1 released!


  • Fixed: The compass didn’t check for the existence of some new sensors introduce in version 1.3.00 before using them.
  • Fixed: The compass now shows the label “OFF” on the magnetic field strength, when there is a problem while calculating it.
  • Fixed: Ad’s caused an error when no banner could be loaded.
  • Fixed: There was problem on unsupported devices. Usually a message will be shown, when the compass doesn’t support a device. But on some devices this message was not shown. Instead the social media window was shown. The user thought that this compass was fake, because the only window he saw was the social media window. This resulted in bad ratings.
  • Improved: The bug reporting system and the bug dialog was improved so that a specific expected error (CompassNotSupportedException) can be analysed more easily.

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