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Compass 2.1.0 released!


  • Important: Please read the changelog for the version 2.0.0 before reading the changelog for version 2.1.0. There has been really big and important changes in the version 2.0.0.
  • New: Some users asked if there is a way to get the compass needle to point to true north instead of magnetic north. This was not possible until now.

    Now the compass needle can be switched between magnetic and true north at any moment. In order for this to work, the compass needs to calculate true north. In order to be able to calculate true north, the compass needs location coordinates. Therefore you need to enable GPS or network location. When GPS or network location is enabled the compass will automatically retrieve the current location coordinates. As soon as the compass shows the current location coordinates, you can switch the compass needle to true north by pressing on the menu button in the action bar or by pressing on the compass needle.

  • Improved: Android has some bugs in the routines handling the sensors. The sensor library used in this compass tries to correct these bugs on the fly. Unfortunately the bug correcting mechanism cost a lot of performance in version 2.0.0. I implemented a faster way to solve these bugs on the fly, which makes this compass a lot faster.
  • Improved: I made it easier and faster for the user to navigate throw the app, developer and legal information in the information window.
  • Fixed: This compass didn’t work on some devices, which deliver invalid sensor data. This is because version 2.0.0 uses a much more strict sensor library than earlier versions. I solved this problem by making the sensor library more tolerant to invalid sensor data.
  • Changed: I updated the libraries used in this compass to the newest versions.

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