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Compass 2.1.1 released!


  • Summary: This is mainly a bug fix release. Now that this bugs are fixed and there hasn’t been other relevant bugs reports, i consider this version to be a stable version.

    If you didn’t read the changelog for the new major version 2, i recommend reading it. There has been some very big changes in version 2.0.0.

  • Fixed: There was a problem in the calculations of true north. This problem is solved now. I want to thank the user that invested the time to report this problem and for the detailed explanation that helped me solving it.
  • Fixed: This compass didn’t start on devices that apparently don’t have GPS and don’t support network location retrieving at the same time. This bug is fixed now.
  • Changed: The permission WAKE_LOCK has been removed, because it’s not needed anymore.
  • Improved: A lot of users complained that they can’t buy the pro version in their country. This is because i explicitly restricted the pro version to specific countries. I’m sorry for this inconvenience, but it’s too expensive for me and takes too much time to sell the pro version world wide, since every country has it’s own VAT laws. Time that i need to develop apps. Now the compass explains this problem to the user, when the user presses on a pro button inside the app.
  • Changed: The labels with the word “bearing” has been changed back to “heading”. I tried the word “bearing” in the previous version, but it was too confusing so i changed it back.
  • Improved: The accent and menu background colors has been changed to better match the overall design.
  • Changed: License and privacy policy has been updated.

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