Compass Pro 1.2.19 released!


  • IMPROVED: Big performance and memory optimization. The compass is now more efficient and uses less memory. This should result in a more fluent compass arrow.
  • FIXED: Fixed a problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3. This devices have a software bug inside the sensor classes. I have implemented a workaround for this devices that solves the problem.
  • FIXED: Fixed a problem with the time measuring classes that caused the app to crash at startup.
  • FIXED: Fixed a problem that prevented the links for the references of resources used in this app to work.
  • FIXED: The old compass window was not closed after rotating the device resulting in a OutOfMemoryException after some rotations.
  • IMPROVED: Changed the labels for the sensor precision in the settings. They are now easy understandable and indicate which one uses more energy.
  • A lot of other changes in the backend

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