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More than 70,000 downloads and 500 ratings in 10 weeks!

A little more than two month ago, i looked for a fast and cheep device i could use to develop my Android apps. It was clear for me from the beginning that i needed a Nexus device with long term support and updates.

My first thought was to buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It’s a fast and really nice device. But it was to expensive. At the same time Google announced the Nexus 7 16 GB for 250 €. I thought 250 € for 7″ tablet? Perfect! So i bought it. 
I got it, opened it and one of the first things i was looking for was the camera app to test the front camera. But there was no icon for the default Android camera app. Long story short. I made my own Nexus 7 Camera Launcher to start the default Android camera and i published it on Google Play.  I just wanted to try something out and was not expecting any success. 
Today, 10 weeks after the release of the  Nexus 7 Camera Launcher, i’m proud to announce that it got over 70,000 downloads and over 500 reviews, with an amazing overall rating of 4.4. It’s my most downloaded and best rated app. 
Thank you, guys for downloading and rating this really useful app!